If You’re happy & you know it…

Just like that! *snaps fingers* I chose to be happy, again. God is the One who restores. My joy is never gone although it hides beneath other emotions at time. Today, I chose to pull it out and put it on top.

Here are some sad truths I learned:

  1. Joy irritates some people. It’s nice to think that as you step into your identity and the fullness of Joy that those who Love you would celebrate with you, but the truth is: they won’t. People who have become used to the old you won’t take too kindly to the new, joyful you. They’ll live. #KeepSmiling
  2. Jealousy knows no age limit and it has no face. Just because someone is thinner or richer than you are, don’t think they don’t secretly envy you. When you step into destiny, jealousy begins to show up in unexpected places. Adjust your crown, show grace & keep it moving.
  3. The right to be happy & have joy is always available. You don’t need permission. Someone else’s bad news doesn’t overrule your good news. It is quite alright to show sympathy or lend a shoulder to a friend in need, but don’t lose your joy in doing so.

There’s only one me. There’s only one you. I’m glad about that. I’m also glad that my happiness doesn’t cancel someone else’s. I’m learning not to cast my pearls amongst the swine. What’s more surprising is learning who the swine actually are. All is well. To God be the Glory!

I am Eryka

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