The POWER of Time vs. Work

I’m torn between having a whole lot to say and not wanting to type a long post. Thank God in advance for the new computer that’s coming my way to enhance my blogging experience. Typing on a small screen is nothing compared to sleeping on cold pavement, living week after week in hunger or enduring physical and emotional torture, so however long this post has to be, it will be.

You are a type of Jesus. What I mean is, the same Father who poured His spirit into Mary to conceive the Son of God, Jesus, is the same Father who breathes His spirit into you and I daily. You and I are literally genetically, & spiritually related to Jesus. Now that we have established that, it’s important to know what that entails.

You (& I) have enemies!!! We have enemies that we have never and may never see face to face. We have enemies that don’t speak to us verbally, but still leave an impression on us. We have enemies in high spiritual places that will spare no cost to defeat us. These enemies hide in very pretty boxes. They hide in the kingdoms and opportunities of the world. These enemies manipulate us by teasing us. They offer everything but the right thing. Sometimes, these enemies live in very close quarters.

The point is: Be on Watch. Know what’s happening around you. Know who’s entering your space. Filter your company. Watch your words – don’t over share with everyone you meet. Be quick to speak about God and slow to speak about other humans. Don’t fall for the appeal or presentation of a thing. King Absolom is described as looking “glittery.” Glitter sparkles and shines, but in his heart of hearts, he was sinful. God doesn’t pay attention to the glitter. He sees through to the guts! He see, SEES us! Always. That said, beware of the decoys that look like glitter but are actually empty guts.

In the same way, don’t discount a thing because it doesn’t shine. The Son of God appeared homeless and poor as He wandered from here to there preaching His message. People Judged His outside and his background and discounted him but followers of Christ know the truth – there’s only one way to the only Living God and that’s through belief in His Son, Jesus.

If they don’t have Jesus, what use are they really?

So share the Jesus in you with the world continually. Pour out until you’re empty, then lay at God’s feet to be refilled & go back to the field. Rest is seasonal.


I am Eryka

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