So, I’ve been learning again and as always, I’m gonna share!

Relationships are the building blocks of life. They nurture us. (Parents) They support us. (Friends) They help us get closer to Destiny. (Colleagues) Relationships create a person’s Network which inevitably leads to Net worth. That said, I have learned that it is beneficial to me to choose my relationships wisely. To take it even further, I’m learning more about functioning within relationships. Now, it’s one thing to work out my relationship with God. That relationship is private and our fellowship happens mostly away from other people, which taught me that to be effective in my covenant with God, I must first be effective in covenant with myself.

So I’ve been working on my relationship with Myself and with God. That’s fine and dandy. The hard work begins when other humans enter the equation. I socialize daily in one way or another. I’m very friendly and I speak to just about everyone I see, but they don’t know me. In order for strangers to become friends, relationship must be built. Just like a house, there must be a foundation and a vision of the finished product. There must be purpose and direction, but there must be patience above all else.

Relationships are how God allows us to share our lives with other souls whose purpose is similar. Some relationships feed us, for example mentor ship. Some relationships allow us to do the giving, for instance: leadership. But all relationships require respect, trust, honesty, time and GRACE. Grace is the freedom God gives to us that we extend to those we are connected to that allows them to be human. We all make mistakes. Mistakes are unavoidable. Love doesn’t hold on to the memory of mistakes, therefore in relationships there must be room to fall down and get back up again – without judgement.

Relationship Tips

1. Forgive before the apology. We have all messed up at some point, right? Don’t wait for the person to feel guilty or acknowledge their wrong to forgive them of it.

2. Empty the Recycle Bin. Simply put, stop bringing up old stuff. Forgiveness means you’re making a choice to release the person of their error. It doesn’t change the fact that it happened, but it allows both of you to move on and try again. Throwing it back at the person doesn’t help them, or us move on.

3. Embrace every moment. No moment happens twice, so enjoy every laugh and every sentiment. Appreciate what’s happening right now and live in that moment, because once it’s gone it won’t return.

4. Apologize. When you’re wrong, you know you’re wrong. Don’t abuse Grace by wronging someone and not acknowledging it. Although forgiveness may be extended to you, there’s power and productivity in confessing your sins. God says when we confess our sins to one another, we can be set free. See James 5.

God forgives sin once we repent. Unrepentant hearts can’t be made pure. When you sin against your friend, spouse or whomever, repent to God first, but apologize if the situation calls for it.

5. Give without Expectation. Expectations ruin everything! Spoiler Alert: Nobody can accurately predict the future. Expectations only set the scene for disappointment because it’s impossible to predict another human’s actions. Don’t assume that because you did something, the other person will do it too. If you’re only doing it to get something back, just don’t do it.

This is just a minor piece of what it takes to be beneficial and successful in relationships with people. Friends are gifts from God. Marriage is a relationship. Parenting is a relationship. Every situation in life has some sort of relationship attached to it. It’s time to take responsibility for our character flaws and be better people who attract better relationships.

To God be the Glory!

I am Eryka

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