An extended cord works two ways. Isn’t it peculiar that the same piece of rope that can be used to climb upward, can also be used to hang something?

Sure, in gym class they taught us to balance our bodies and climb up and down the rope. There may have even been a race for the fastest climber. What was never demonstrated however, is the ability of the rope to be used in multiple ways. That same piece of gym class rope could be used to hang someone, if they so choose.

My point: The rope is extended. We choose how to use it.

What are the ropes in your life? Communication? Anger? Loneliness? Creativity? Every rope we have been given has potential to grow and elevate us or to simply hang us. How we use the rope matters. Anger can be used to create beautiful Art and passionate speeches, but it can hang stuff if not managed properly.

Trust is a rope. Trust is extended from God to us in the form of Free Will. God holds one end of the rope and allows the other end to remain free. We can climb upward toward God, or simply dangle in our own idleness or sinful nature until we essentially hang.

I make this statement generally, but it most applies to relationships – ours with God and others. Rope can strengthen and move a relationship forward, or it can completely kill it. The choice is up to the one holding the rope.

An extended rope works both ways.Will you climb, or hang yourself?

I am Eryka

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