Optimism vs. Intuition

Hope says possibly.

Intuition says probably not.

Why does it feel like intuition always wins? Hope has big dreams and positive thoughts, while intuition is a harsh knowing that disappointment lies ahead.

When you know better you do better… or do you?

Tonight, I was told that a certain decision was “my call.” Free Will kicked in and I immediately turned to my hopeful dreams and made a decision from there. My gut immediately kicks in and tells me to do the opposite because I’ll end up disappointed. Hope fights back with, “Don’t expect the worse. Anything can happen.” Intuition shuts up because it clearly was losing the battle.

I made the decision and it immediately disappointed me. Did I expect ‘no’ to suddenly turn to ‘yes’ simply because I used my Free Will? I guess I did. I suppose I should learn this lesson and stop thinking I know better. Clearly, I don’t.

So, how do I plan to change this bad habit of mine? Glad you asked.

1. Listen More. People tell on themselves. If you listen to a person’s words, you’ll see their heart. Believe them.

2. Believe in the power of my intuition. I am wise enough to be able to advise myself. It’s time I start taking my 2 cents and spending it on my own self. Yep, my own self.

3. Trust my own gut. If I can believe in someone who’s prone to disappoint, because we all fall short at some point, I should be able to believe in myself.

I’ve learned a lot, but none of it matters if I continue living without applying what I know.

Knowledge is life. What you know builds the life you live. I’ve made some really bad calls. I’ve done it so long that I’ve come to discredit my intuition because I fear being wrong, again.

Enough of that. I may not always get what I want when I follow my gut, but experience proves that not following it hurts much worse than not getting what I desire.

Wasted time and emotions cannot be undone. Listen to your intuition the first time it speaks.

You’ll be better for it.

I am Eryka.

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