So today has been an even day. No emotional highs or lows. I’m content and grateful.

Mom and I decorated for Christmas!

…. then I sprung my foot – not the ankle, the foot. Who does that?? Me. That’s who. I’m not mad. It hurts but it’s wrapped. Daddy rubbed it with some Biofreeze which was a really cool moment because it’s not often I get cute moments with Daddy. Mommy is making homemade soup and I’m working on making corsages and boot-I-neers (idk how to spell it and autocorrect won’t recognize it. Lol) for service tomorrow.

Oh! And God sent a cool revelation. Think about spring boards, trampolines… even bed springs. The entire purpose of them, in most cases, is to cause upward motion. Jump on a trampoline and you go higher! Stand on a spring board and it lifts you. Springs come to lift. Maybe that’s why Spring is my favorite season. Things come to life during that time of the year.

Well glory be! God has sent me a beautiful Spring right in the midst of Autumn… who knew an injury could be a blessing.

It’s a good day overall.

I am Eryka.

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