Boutonnière, I’m here!

Okay so God is definitely good. For real, for real. In my mood swings, in my highs, in my downfalls – God is GOOD!!

I attend a baptist church. We celebrated our 62nd church anniversary in September. (*insert confetti!*) God has always had a vision for the ministry, or else why would it exist? But with longevity comes tradition, complacency and eventually… old age.

Old Age is much younger than it was in Abrahams’s day. Old age has symptoms these days, such as memory loss, bone weakness, wrinkles, etc. I believe that the same applies to not only my church, but every organization that’s ever been created. Day 1,034 is, at least it should be, different than Day 134 was. Growth is natural. God made all things to grow. The ‘church’ isn’t the pretty buildings with the awesome decor and pews; the church is every individual who believes and confesses Jesus as their savior. I may be wrong, but the church is suffering from old age.

My church home is transitioning at the moment. The older members and officers are learning to pour into and develop the younger members. I say ‘learning’ because honestly, most ministers do more preaching than they do teaching and as a whole, the body isn’t functioning properly. I don’t believe it’s a lack of knowledge but rather a lack of demonstration. I can tell someone all day long how to jump across a broom, but showing them makes it more real to both them and me.

In order to display something, we must become it, right? That means that if the church body dares to display all that it is designed to be, the world as a whole may finally experience that growth and prosperity that God intended for. God never intended Man to love himself more than His Lord. God never intended money to be the defining factor of someone’s existence. God doesn’t condone the world’s bad behavior, so why is it that the church is behaving like a Fatherless child?

We wear titles, but never become them. What’s the use of a label if it doesn’t identify something? That’s like receiving a hallmark envelope on your birthday with no card inside. It’s false advertisement. I see the same thing happening with believers. We say ‘Jesus is my Lord.’ But we, myself included, have such a hard time allowing Him to be our Lord.

As I examine how I have been growing to new levels in the spirit, I see the same growth happening within my church home. That’s how it should be. Your home should reflect you and you should reflect your home. I know far too many well spoken, well dressed, esteemed people with dirty homes and junky cars. That makes no sense to me!

If you are what you say you are, be it!

I digress. So anyway, we honored our officers at church today. That’s why I was making flowers yesterday. I am proud to be a member of New Galilee Baptist Church. Not because our building is nice and our members are neatly dressed, but because we show up as individuals hungry for God and He is growing us. Despite the traditions and even symptoms of Old Age, God is and has been good to us!

I ended up going have an x-ray of my foot – the pain was ridiculous, but it’s only sprained! I pushed through and baked last night for service today. I also attended church and sang in the choir as usual. It’s going to take a whole lot more than a broken heart, bruised ego, empty bank account, PTSD, and a sprained foot to keep me from serving God. Today, unlike yesterday I can not only make but also correctly spell boutonnière. *takes bow*

I’m dedicated to growing. Period.

I am Eryka

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