You know what I know

Knowledge is POWER.

Knowing is Growing. It’s key to always be aware of what you know. I try to always know:

– There are things I do not and will never know

– There are things I cannot and will not ever do

– There are things that I cannot and will not understand or be able to explain

And all of that is OKAY! I am finding peace in knowing:

– What my role is

– What my responsibility is

– What my responsibility is NOT

– Who is really in control (God)

– Who really knows it all (God)

Knowledge is a gift that God gives each of us. We all have many gifts, but I believe knowledge is extended to us all because the beginning of knowledge is God.

I think Peace is stolen by the urge to know more than one is capable of knowing. Humans are so inquisitive. We always want to know. We want suspense and surprise, but we also want specifics and details.

Let’s just all admit that we don’t know what we don’t know.

The Galaxy is far too wide for one mind to comprehend. Your family is too vast for your mind to be the problem solver of each and every problem. It’s time to drop some weight!

1. Teach people to miss you. Some people expect certain things of you because you so freely give it. Giving is never a bad idea, but use wisdom. Don’t allow people to make you their crutch. Enabling is harmful to everyone involved.

2. Stop trying to learn it all. You never will. If we tried to discover the depths of everything, where would we even start? We wouldn’t know! The quest for knowledge is great and all, but know your limits. Some things you just won’t figure out.

3. Get to know the Holy Spirit, which is Jesus, who is God! Get to know who God is, what He has done and how He moves. He’s the one that actually knows it all, so it benefits us to know Him!

I digress. I’m in pursuit of Peace and God has revealed to me that my pursuit of understanding and knowledge is hindering my Peace.


So as of today, my foot is still healing. I’m resting and staying off of it. I was hungry but didn’t have the strength to make food, so I prayed and asked God to send me something yummy from Heaven. I got a little sad and started thinking of my brother. Turns out, my dad, who was in the other room was thinking of him also. I know this because I heard him say, “if I had one wish it would be to spend one more day with my son.” I was already holding in my tears and I felt helpless because in that moment, I had nothing of comfort to say. God is so God though! In that same instance, Dad randomly comes to me and says he’s going pick up my lunch.

My dad didn’t hear me pray. I prayed silently. My dad also didn’t see me holding back tears while replaying the morning of my brother’s funeral in my mind. But God did. I will never understand why Eric was transitioned when he was. I won’t ever know as much as God knows about Eric. I don’t even know what my Dad knows. But I know the one who Knows all and He sees all and He hears all.

He heard me. He answered me. I believe He Heard my Daddy too and in a way I may never know, He answers Him also.

I am Eryka. 😆

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