Walking in place

Today, for the first time in a long time, I felt aligned with life. I felt present, for the most part & I enjoyed my day. I felt like I was in my place.

I had 0 plans for the day. God moved me to keep today open – I’m also recovering from two sprained ankles. (Update: Still experiencing soreness, but it’s not a Handicap.) That said, I woke up with nothing to do imagining a day of hopping from the bed to the couch, but I shifted my perspective and decided to give God the day. Here’s a rundown.

  • Mom sent me to the grocery store. There’s a new Rouse’s market near us, so I got to explore a new store.
  • I had been craving zucchini & squash and my “treat” for that awesome trip to the store was exactly that! Proof that God can still provide my specific needs/wants even when my pockets are dry! Glorrrry!!!
  • Mom and Dad decorated the exterior of our home in lights which is my favorite part of this time of year. Ever year since I was real small, they would go bonkers in the yard. (I’ll post pictures once Mom decides it’s finished.)
  • I got closure on a past relationship that has been haunting me! God is good. Truly.
  • I went to the park which is my humble abode. I absolutely adore parks especially Greenwood Park in Baker, La! There are ducks, a cafe, lots of playground toys, beautiful lake for fishing and boating … it’s a hidden gem and it’s my escape!
  • I studied for my Sunday school lesson. Got a cool revelation on extending the kingdom through signs and wonders that appear because of my faith. That’s another blog post.
  • I made a yummy dinner and enjoyed two sips of Merlot with it. I’m still taking pain medication so I didn’t drink as much wine as I wanted to. I had two sips and put it away. #SelfControl #SmallVictories #PerservingTheTemple

After being in bed and kind of alone all week, I really enjoyed getting out and doing things that I identify with. I am a Prairie woman. I love to shop and make things with what I buy. I like to feed people and help my community. I love the park. Small things make me happy, because small things make me go. God is the only Big thing that I can handle. I’ve tried to carry big responsibilities and big companies etc., it’s fine until it almost kills you & ain’t nobody got time for that!

I also completed my goal list! Whoop! Until I sat down to write, I was under the impression that I didn’t have goals. I have ideas, and I thought that’s where it ended. Turns out, most of my ideas are products of what would be considered Goals! I dream of opening a cafeteria that serves free meals to the homeless and hungry. The vision is so grand that it involves housing and even job placement. I’ve been so overwhelmed by the vision that I skipped a very tiny detail.

God gave me a business selling baked goods. The vision that I have could very well be a product of me setting and reaching goals concerning that business. The enemy would prefer I continue being fearful and overwhelmed by the vastness of the dream. He would prefer that I give up on the vision because it “seems so big” but nothing’s bigger than God and he’s on my side, and in my corner. Therefore by faith, I am stepping out into branding and building #EdibleJoy as a company.

So… long story short. I’m walking, by faith & in my place! It feels good. It’s up to me to carry the flame of this moment and let God turn It up. If I stop believing, He cannot perform.

I am Eryka

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