Be Good

It’s often said that successful or talented people are ‘good at what they do.’ So many hours go into perfecting crafts and learning skills to become just that: good. But… I’m different. I don’t care to be recognized for what I do because let’s face it, some times I do a lot and other times I do little. Doing doesn’t satisfy me.

For so long, about three years actually, I’ve been at war with myself. It seems I’ve been doing less than other people my age. It seems that I’m doing less than I have in younger years. Thinking of how much I’m not doing can outright drive me crazy and it has. Thinking of what someone else is or isn’t doing absolutely drives me crazy.

So I refuse to do anything else. I’m done with doing.

I aspire to be the person one looks at and says, “She’s good at who she is.” Or simply, “She’s good!” Anybody can do anything they please. Working at any trait long enough can make anyone good at it. God designed us that way, but not everyone takes the time and energy to become good. Looking back over these past three years, I humbly applaud myself.

I have criticized and blamed myself enough. I have stifled and crippled myself enough. I have been looking at myself through my eyes and what I have or haven’t been doing but I am so grateful that God sees me through His eyes, who He is & who I Am in Him. I am Good because God is Good. I am healed because God is whole. I have joy because the Lord is my strength. I have seen what it’s like to have everything. I have also lived with nothing. What I am most thankful for, is no matter what I have, or what I do, who I Am is always and will always be bigger and more significant, especially now that I abide in Christ.

So if anyone asks,

I am Good. I am Eryka.

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