Spoken Word

Spoken Word is word expressed aloud, obviously

but Spoken Word is breath to me it flows through the depths of me exclusively

All expenses paid, that’s how official the word is

From the Heavens to the Grave, yet in Glory is where He sits

My God, how beautiful you are. I just want to eat you up.

My Lord, how faithful you are. If I had your all, it still wouldn’t be too much.

When it comes to you, there’s no such thing as enough

No other thing came into being to express His Love.

So this is me giving you what you’ve so freely extended my way

Every word I speak is spoken just as you say

Death and Life get their power from spoken words

So the next time I speak, I pray Hope is heard


These photos are from my date with mom this past Friday. We attended a musical. I shared some poetry. She sang and smiled all night. That alone made my heart glow.

Not to mention, the entire state of my heart and mind was touched by Jesus himself. I went from dark, bleak, negative, hopelessness to joyful, grateful, obedient expectancy. We have a choice in This day. We can choose to embrace it with joy, peace and hope, or we can doom it from the start with negativity, doubt and fear. Idk about you, but I believe I have maxed out my quota for bad days. #NoMoreBadDays

I am Eryka

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