Whose house?

So I’m that girl that sees the best in others and I intentionally highlight the best in others as often as possible because I believe everyone is important. I’m the girl who falls head over heels at the idea of what a man could be, all the while knowing he may never care to actually live up to that standard. Being nice comes natural to me. Liking people is the only option. I don’t make enemies because I believe every human is my relative. The same God spoke life to us all, right?

My point is… I’m a sappy Lovey Dovey Woman. I’m emotional and romantic and sentimental and all the traits that follow. I appreciate expressions of love and I love affection. I said all of this to say… not everyone is this way. Some people have never experienced Love and they’ve not yet received Christ, so they simply don’t know Love. One cannot express or give what they’re not familiar with.

The absence of love is not necessarily hate, so these people can be hard to identify. They repel Love and loving situations because they’re foreign to it. It’s not their faults. Unfortunately their parents may not have known Love properly and in turn they weren’t able to pass it on.

I’ve been loved fiercely my entire life. God put me in the right family. He knew which man and which woman to bring me through. Have they lived perfectly? No. Who has?! But they continue to learn and lead with Love. What they didn’t know 30 years ago, they’re figuring out. Where they failed in the 90’s, they rose above it in the 00’s. Basically they never seem to give up on Love.

I’m grateful. Love is the fertilizer that grooms me. Love is the soil that warms me. Love is the hand that prunes me. Because of Love, I Am. I can’t help but to show love. It’s who I am. It’s what I do. It’s all I ever hope to become. Love is all encompassing. It’s all inclusive. It’s eternal. I pray that everyone who has not known Love for them self encounters Christ and surrenders to His Love, but I refuse to stop Loving simply because someone else may not know how to receive it

Love is patient and kind. Love is faithful. It took time for me to get here and it’ll take others however long it’ll take. Each has its own process. The more I grow in Love, the better I become at sharing it.

Love is the owner of this house.

I am Eryka

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