What time is it?

My Pastor often reminds me that there are 3 Times to recognize in life.

He Time. That’s the time we set aside and dedicate to God. It’s when we pray and commune with Him like a child with their Father. It’s where we share and learn from Him. It’s where our relationship with Him gains it’s fire.

We Time. That’s the gift God gives us through fellowship. He allows us to connect with one another and create memories, share lessons and encourage each other. Community has its time.

Last, but equally important as He Time, is Me Time. That’s the time we take aside from everything and everyone. This is where we get silent. It’s where we refresh. It’s where we tend to the most gentle cries of our own heart. It’s also time that I am too guilty of skipping.

Tonight, I attempted to do some work. The computer was not having it. I found myself making an awesome cup of hot cocoa and resorting to my own little corner to pen this post. It’s cold and I love chocolate! As a kid, I asked my parents for cup like every night! Without realizing it, my inner voice had been asking for a warm cup of incredible chocolate and I had been ignoring myself. Tonight, I stopped to listen to what I had to say.

I want chocolate!

I heard the little voice in my heart scream to my brain and my feet and hands effortlessly fulfilled the request. I’m happy. It feels good going down. It warmed my insides. It calmed my spirit. The anxiety has faded. It’s amazing what a few moments of silence with yourself can do.

Bundle up!

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