Perspective of Glory

God’s most recent word to me concerning my time here on Earth is simply, “Polish My Gems.” He has made me a leader that women feel comfortable following. I didn’t ask for it – God made it that way. Realizing my influence has influenced me to be more intentional about my example. My mom being ill recently showed me that there’s a power working in me that’s much greater than anything I can comprehend or explain. Where I am weak, He is most definitely strong. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

GEM has had several meanings in my life over the past year. To sum it up, being a GEM basically means that God’s Glory Encompasses Me. His glory surpasses my abilities. His glory is greater than my worry. So, as I grow, I share. It’s my pleasure to teach and to speak of what God is doing and has done in my life.

The 3 P’s

Perspective. That’s how I see it.

Position. That’s where I see it.

Purpose. That’s why I see it.

I could give the devil credit and say that “he’s been busy.” I could easily blame myself for being human and prone to sin. I could point fingers at people and say they took advantage. I could blame doctors for not knowing or supervisors for pushing too hard, but still… none of them are God.

My mom is home now. She’s resting and healing. She’s learning that even she has to rest sometimes. Walking through this recent episode with her shows me how much like her I am. I too struggle to sit down and be still. I too get busy being busy and neglect myself. But I too have been humbled by a recent injury and have had to face that I too need to rest sometimes. Mom is going to be okay. She’s already okay.

The situation scared me. Around family I was the communicator and the one to take charge, but every time I was alone I had a mini meltdown. I went to pray and words wouldn’t form. I found myself repeating ‘Jesus’ over and over. I didn’t have fancy words or scripture on my tongue. Maybe I should have, but I didn’t. I just had this knowing that God was in control and that only he could really do something.

I was positioned in Christ, under the headship of the Father. I chose to acknowledge Him over and over although fear was riding my back. I had to choose Him over and over even though circumstances told me to freak out. My position is as God’s child. He’s responsible for all things concerning me. The Bible says He will perfect that concerning His. (Psalm 138:8) That means He will do whatever it takes to keep me through any and every storm that comes my way. It’s His pleasure. Perspective taught me that. I had to choose to see things from a place of knowing that all things work together for my good. (Romans 8:28) It’s easy to give in to what the doctor does or doesn’t say. It’s easy to crumble at the sound of bad news and just accept it. What’s hard is choosing to operate from a place of victory even while still running the race. Ultimately, it was Purpose that drove me to choosing to stand and trust God. Purpose reminds me that I am not my own and I am here on this Earth to fulfill an assignment. Purpose helps me to cut off relationships that hinder or distract me. Purpose is the motivator behind me pressing through even when it seems I’ve got nothing left in me. Purpose drove me to church although I hit a trash can and broke the mirror. To God be the Glory! Purposekept me going in the direction of the assignment although my mind, heart and body were fighting against me.

Overall, I am so grateful. My secret Santa got me some amazing jewelry. My mom ordered a gift for me weeks ago that just so happened to arrive while she was in the hospital which blows my mind because it’s the timing proves that 1. God is always thinking of me and 2. He knows just how and when to send us blessings that make the biggest difference in our heart. A neighbor blessed us with groceries for the family. Mom was discharged from the hospital a day earlier than expected. There are so many things to praise God for. He keeps on getting better and better.

God’s glory is His presence on a thing. It’s his stamp of approval. It’s his way of shining a spotlight on us. I’m convinced that He does things for us out of Love, but the larger purpose behind it all is so that He can receive the glory and we can witness His glory at the same time. Did I need the items I received as gifts today? Not necessarily, still God saw fit to add to me anyway. Did mom need to fall sick just 15 days before retirement? Definitely not, but she’s the oldest member of her family and to be honest, she’s not always honored or respected as such. She’s received many calls and visits from loved ones I know she has longed to connect with. I believe God used this experience to show her how much he thinks of her. I’m grateful he brought her through and I am excited to continue becoming this Gem that God spoke into existence.

It ain’t over yet! Glorrryy!!

I am Eryka

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