Hey Now!

“So much to do; So much to see, So what’s wrong with taking the back street? You’ll never know if you don’t go. You can’t shine if you don’t glow.”

The above quote is from a song performed by a band who’s known as, Smash Mouth. The title of the song is “Hey Now (Allstar)”

The song calls my attention decades after it was released as I’m lying in bed with more thoughts than I’ve got time or interest in expressing. I found myself singing to myself and before I knew it, I was writing. There’s so much to do. There’s always something to see. Backstreets are short cuts and short cuts help when time is limited, right?

Well that’s one way to receive it. Sure, there’s much to be done. There’s always been and always will be much to do, see, discover. This is why we wake up. This is why we live in fulfillment of our purpose in Christ. That’s why a man leaves his mother and father to take one wife for himself, the two become one and they procreate. The entire purpose of creation is to satisfy the so many “so much to dos” of life.

What my mom may not finish, I can. What Adam & Eve did not complete, Jesus came to do. Before there was a Jesus, many other men and women of God stood in the gap to do what someone else couldn’t. It’s the beauty and the power of the Kingdom. Church has got to get out of the way. As people, we tend to obsess over where we fit and we in turn take over every task just to be relevant but our hyperactivity stunts the others who are called and capable.

Let’s talk back streets. One ventures down a backstreet for a plethora of reasons. Let’s explore a few;

1. To Hide/Avoidance: the back streets are hidden which makes them opportune for someone looking to escape a certain situation. A lady who isn’t in the mood to hear catcalls from the man on the corner may take a back street to avoid his advances. A believer of Christ may take the backstreets of the spirit realm to keep certain habits or relationships hidden, but God sees all – even the back streets.

2. Acceleration/Impatience: Everybody loves a good shortcut. Same result, less time? Who wouldn’t love it? Some times people journey down the back streets in an attempt to speed up a process. Back streets can also be where goods and services are provided cheaper and quickly compared to the main road.

3. Shelter/Restoration: Seriously? Seriously. When individuals find themselves homeless and the shelter has no room, they take refuge on back streets, alleyways and such. When a driver is going long distance and has car issues or simply needs to rest, they don’t stop on the highway. They move to a back street.

The point of it all

The singer asks “what’s wrong with taking the back streets?” Well, back streets provide opportunities. On the back street one can be developed and healed. One may find a quicker way to achieving the same goal. It’s possible that on the backstreets, one can find themselves, but there’s so much more to be found on the back streets. Where there is a shorter route, there may also be a hidden predator. Where one hides from one issue, another trap awaits. The back street gives the false illusion of a choice we really don’t have as believers. What I mean is, because I believe in Christ, God has adopted me into His family. Because I am in His family, He has assigned purpose to me. He protects that purpose. He also perfects it meaning it adds and takes from it what’s necessary for its success. Whether I’m on the back street or front street, I am not apart from God. Whether the enemy is visible or spiritual, my God’s Victory stands. I may pick up a bad habit on the back street, but because I don’t walk alone and greater is He (Christ) than the world, that bad habit turns into a rope God uses to pull even more valley walkers back to him.

See… it’s all starting to come together. Brokenness is the pretense to wholeness. Disease precedes healing. Addiction ushers in deliverance. The back street has its purpose but we’re not meant to stay there. The singer also says, “You’ll never shine if you don’t glow.” Things Shine in light, but things Glow in the dark. Darkness is a reference to valleys and back streets. The glow produced on the back streets ignited the shine seen out on front street.

Hey Now! You’re an ALL STAR! Hey, now you’re an Allstar!

Only shooting stars break the mold. – Smash Mouth

I am Eryka

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