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It is my prayer that everyone had an enjoyable holiday season. Regardless what name we call it, what country we reside, or what language we speak, God is the creator of ALL. Jesus came to save ALL! I’m grateful He isn’t as choicey as us humans can be!

This year, my greatest gift was seeing my parents enjoy their children. My mom and dad both had children from previous relationships when they married. My dad had two sons and a daughter. My mom had one son. They married, and 6 years later, Eryka I Am. Usually my dad’s sons go to their hometown, but within the past three years both my oldest brother and their mom went to Heaven. This year, Willie Jr. came over and spent Christmas Eve with us. My mom’s son Joseph attended church and came over on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Gifts aren’t material. Presents are, but gifts are those things we can’t touch that touch us. Gifts are freedom in their own right. When my family was together, it didn’t matter who called or needed us. We all chose each other – at the same time. That was God.

It may be simply to someone else, but having lived in this family 29 Christmases, I know Glory when I see it.

A few of my favorite presents were:

This beautiful charm bracelet. I’ve desired one since 2010, but I always imagined buying it myself. I never asked anyone for it. Christmas Eve, mom hands me a box with not only the bracelet, but 11 charms. The special thing is I would’ve probably chosen the exact charms. (Plus a crown!) God is faithful.

A Wonder Woman painted wine glass + a bottle of Merlot + a candle whose scent is, ‘You had me at Merlot.’ Whats neat about this, is the items didn’t come from the same person!

An amazing Avon set, The Joy of Red. It’s peppermint lip balm, Fancy Red Gloss, Real Red lip liner, Royal Red nail polish & Candy Red lip stick! Be still my heart!

I am truly grateful. Those items are only a few of the blessings I received. I was able to give gifts and I am grateful for it all.

Happy Holidays!

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