Detox Toxic Relationships

There comes a time in life when we have to detox – not only physically, but also relationally. What I mean is, as I am growing & walking in truth, I see how necessary it is to be clutter-free. Some of the heaviest baggage I’ve ever carried was other people. That’s not how God intended life to be.

I am different now. I will not give the New Year credit or even call it a resolution. The truth of the matter is, I’ve been praying for years to be more like Jesus and slowly but surely it’s happening. I’ll never be exactly like Jesus, but I find solace in knowing that my belief in Him and His spirit in me is enough all by itself.

I don’t have to look like anybody else.

I don’t have to spend time with anybody else.

I don’t have to satisfy anybody else.

What a relief! People bondage is one thing, but People baggage is debilitating.

People Bondage is when you live to please people and all decisions are made based on how people tell you they feel/think. You become their definition of you. They’re holding you back.

People Baggage is when you allow your love for or relation to someone to weigh you down. People baggage is when you allow toxic people to pull on and from you. Their problems become yours. They’re holding you down.

Both scenarios are dangerous but today, I’m focusing on People Baggage. I learned to stop living to please people 7 years ago when I was a battered woman facing divorce and everyone I had been supporting dropped me, not all at once, but eventually. I learned that people’s opinions change with the weather. I wasn’t created by people therefore I care not what people think of me. But this baggage part… it’s difficult. When you love someone, you want the best for them. I tend to give my best self to those I love. Not everybody deserves my best. God commands us to LOVE everyone but His Word also reminds us not to cast our pearls before swine. (Matthew 7:6) Loving someone may mean cutting them out of your life especially if you’re only hurting one another. Toxic people need to be Loved closely too, but you don’t have to be the one to be that close kind of love. I lived through abuse. I lived through depression and toxic thoughts of my own. Each day I still battle remnants of those experiences. It’s not healthy for me to be around abusive people and it would be ridiculous for me to intentionally put myself in an abusive environment. That means some of my relationships have come to a quick, unpredictable end. I am not afraid to walk away from toxic people. I know how easily spirits travel and birds of a feature truly do flock together, so I’m done flocking with stray birds. Besides, I’m a Queen and my throne is far too precious for me to compromise it for something that isn’t real.

I have friends. God has blessed me with genuine people who love him first and who also love me. I’m not hurting for friendship because above all else, I’ve learned that Jesus is my friend. I love me too much to keep allowing toxic situations to poke at me. I cannot dance in a fire pit and expect to come out not smelling like smoke. The same applies to toxic people. The old saying goes:

When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

It’s absolutely true. So, no more toxins!I’ve been soaking in detox baths and doing detox foot rubs, etc. but the thing that most needs detoxing is my heart. I’m grateful God showed me this. I encourage you to take some time and evaluate your life. What toxins are stinking up your mind? Heart? Soul? Get rid of them now! Those who love you will still love you. Those who don’t will be flushed out and that’s okay!I am Eryka

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