The Death of Divorce

The Death of Divorce

January 5, 2018

I don’t know what’s worse

The kisses or the fists

The love letters or the curse

I do know that it hurts

Blindly I fell into you as if you could give me worth

You defined me, how could I be so desperate? I was like lower than dirt

And for this reason man leaves his folks to be joined to his bride

They dance into the sunset with promises of bliss on their side

But it only takes a minute for the confetti to subside

And before you know it, there’s no rice just tears in those eyes

The climate changes and the butterflies stop flying

Home becomes dangerous but the wife never stopped trying

I never stopped trying

Even when I thought I was dying

I loved you, so I never stopped trying.

But today, a new dawn is rising

I’m detached and I’m smiling

Liberated and there’s no denying

I learned to loved me when I gave up trying

I decided to live because I’ve already tasted dying

So the joke is on you who thought you could shove me into the soil as if seeds weren’t made for multiplying

These wings were made for flying

Catch me if you can… but I doubt you’re going to try it.

I am Eryka.

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