Arrested Development

My spirit knows something. I cannot identity just what it is, but there’s a knowing within me that’s quickly becoming expectation.

I haven’t slept well tonight. I’ve been tossing and turning and finding myself consciously sleeping or not sleeping – strange!

God is close. I feel protected. I feel cared for. I feel safe. There have been so many deaths in my city alone these past 7 days. There’s an old idea that “a certain number of people must die each year” which has been used to attempt to explain the deaths, but what if that’s not it either?

What if God is truly up to something more than a numbers game? What if it’s bigger than birthing babies and holding funerals? I believe it is. God’s got a plan and it has to come to pass, no matter what! This means some people have restless nights while others sleep peacefully. This means that someone is born as someone else takes their last breath. God’s plan requires constant change. Growth requires change.

All lives matter. Murder is senseless. Murder is not an act of love. I will never attribute murder to being God’s plan, but I do know All things work together for the good of those who Love God & are called according to his purpose. That also says something about those who don’t Love God and who reject the call. While we may not all be called to an office or ministry, we are called to Love. If all things work together for the good of those who Love God, I’m convinced that anything is liable to happen to those who don’tlove God.

In the wake of just about every prophecy and conspiracy theory beginning to manifest, one could become fearful. Are we being watched by some secret organization? Is there a plot against black lives? Why are females being attacked? How can anyone serve a musician or performer and call them ‘God’? Can I go to Wal-Mart and make it back home alive? With more men than ever given over to homosexuality and the prison system, will I ever get married? So many thoughts come to mind, but I cast them all down because I’ve got a knowing.

I know God is with me.

I know God sustains me.

I know God knows me.

I know God sees me.

God is on my side, and it matters not who stands against me. I have no reason to fear. Sure, I could ask “What if”? Or I could look at life and tell my fears “What IS.” I choose to speak up!

I am the head, never the tail.

I am above, never beneath.

I am first, never last.

I am Loved.

Jesus died for me.

My sins are forgiven.

My mind and body is healed by Faith.

What God has for me, cannot be moved.

I think I can sleep now. I suppose I just needed to have this moment.

To God be the Glory!

January 7, 2018 @ 3:48 AM

I am Eryka

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