Funny, not funny

So mom has the flu.

According to my doctor, so do I.

But I was the one holding down the fort. Whose going to take care of us if we are all down? I guess this is one of those great times where I get to witness the hand of God.

His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Whats funny is how God has been growing and grooming me in Grace. I’ve been learning to give and receive Grace. Yesterday, I posted about being Arrested By Grace, and today – my weakness calls out for God’s strength.

Some times we quote scriptures and only hang on to the part that suits us at the moment. I was only focused on God’s Grace being sufficient. I knew that because His grace was enough, I could do all things.Then my weakness showed up even more! God gets to be greater, because I have been weakened. Sickness is temporary. This body is subject to all sorts of mishaps, but GODS GRACE IS ENOUGH BECAUSE, when I am weak, GOD IS STRONG!

Lol. It makes me look forward to being weak. To God be the Glory!

I am Eryka Speaking of Grace: Mr. Blu has not learned his lesson about sneaking out of the yard. He has endured a fight and many encounters with squirrels, raccoons & possums, yet he still ventures out of the fenced in yard every chance he get. This morning, I was far too tired to chase or call after him. He found his way back to me, but he couldn’t figure out how to get back in! He got out on his own, but couldn’t get back in without my help. Reminds me of God. We go and make silly decisions without his help, then call him to rescue us and just as I did my little curious dog, he always opens the gate and welcomes us home.


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