One Dimension

Dimension is defined as “a measurable extent of some kind.” Terms like 3-D, & multidimensional are used casually, but rarely with explanation. See, dimensions are products of perspective.

Perspective directly effects how one measures things. Plainly said, people act out things they believe on the inside. Perspective is the sight of our belief system. Perspective is every invisible clue that leads us to draw tangible conclusions.

We each have our own set of tools that build our belief system. Things like family, geography, and religion design an individual’s Faith, whatever it may be. It makes sense because we are typically conditioned by our environments so naturally one would become what they’re raised around. And one may never truly know how someone else see’s them. Perspective is tricky like that. Not only does it take time and energy to understand one’s own point of view, it is impossible to know someone else’s, unless they explain of course. Even then, there are no guarantees.

So in the case of 3-Dimensional movies, there’s a specific perspective being sold and it’s viewed best when looked at through special glasses. Apparently the goggles amplify the effects of 3-D technology. Life is just the same if we’re willing to take off the goggles.

See, the goggles are great for viewing that type of movie, but 3-D goggles in an everyday situation is just plain weird. So why are so many of us still wearing the goggles?

The glasses aren’t the disposable ones found at theaters, or the extremely fancy ones found in labs, but the goggles are our human eyes. We have spiritual eyes and human eyes. Human eyes are much like the goggles in the sense that we were given eyes to see the physical earth. The powerful secret is: our human eyes aren’t naturally connected to our designer; instead they’re connected to our body.

The question becomes, whose a better leader? My body? Or my designer, the one who knew me even before he created me. It’s obvious that the creator obviously knows best but he’s a gentleman. God doesn’t force us to only see things his way: spiritually; this is shown in his gift of sight to us. He allows us to see Earth but he has also placed Heaven’s vision in our hearts. The key to unlocking the vision of Heaven, is by turning down the light shining on the happenings of Earth.

3-D goggles stop working when the movie goes off. Human eyes stop viewing when sight is removed. But the spirit is Eternal.

There truly is only one dimension in all of tho and it’s Heaven but everybody is distracted by Earth because they won’t take off the goggles.

I don’t always see God when I look at TV, media, human interactions, etc. but I always see him when I seen him through my spirit.

Perspective is everything.

I am Eryka.

I finally got new books to write in! My brain was getting fuzzy. I didn’t write in a personal journal for almost two months. Other than blog posts, I hadn’t written at all. Not good. Writing is like dialysis for my mind. To God be the Glory!

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