Here we Sneaux again!

It snowed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana…. again! It was only four or so weeks ago that we saw one of the first real snow days of my life. Inches of snow lingered on the ground for hours. It fell for hours. Every child got his hands full of snow. Snowmen lined the roads and no cars were in sight. It’s even colder this time around!

The temperature is currently something like 12 degrees! Our pipes are frozen, so there’s no running water but I’m all smiles. It snowed! Again! It’s one thing to see God do something amazing one time but when he does it a second time, it’s even better. See, the more I watch God, the more I get to know his character.

• He’s a God of timing. He doesn’t live in time, but he works by time. There may have been 30-some off days between the first snow day and this one, but God knew it was coming all along. He knew it would be colder and whiter this go round than before.

• He is intentional. God has a way of positioning us so that we have the best view of what he’s up to. For weeks, I saw no evidence but suddenly, there it was.

• He is thorough. God didn’t just send a cold, rainy day. God allowed us to really experience Winter this year. It has been cold for weeks! It wasn’t as warm as it usually is for Christmas. We’ve had several days at freezing temps. It’s like He set it all up. Cold temps + rain + ice + frozen pipes + family recovering from the flu = good ole memory making. We’re inside, together. Mom was at work on the last snow day. She doesn’t even have to get dressed this go round. She’s been watching the door like an anxious kid all week, and finally at around 5pm yesterday, she Called out, “It’s snowing!”

• God is faithful. The news tells us about case after case of individuals who have died from the flu. Died from what my mom, dad and I all just walked through. It’s almost like watching a disaster happen on a big screen, but not being affected by it. That’s God’s faithfulness. His protection goes beyond violent situations. He protects us from what potentially ends others. What a mighty God!

• God is romantic. He really is. Snow falling, children laughing and stoves going create the perfect scenario for acts of Love. Neighbors call each other for this or that. Hot cocoa is made and enjoyed. Soup is sipped and wine is poured. As the snow hit my face, it was like being kissed all over by my Creator. The flakes so soft and gentle but the ice so hard and solid. God is solid, and soft at the same time. He’s the kiss and the correction we need at every stage of life.

Lastly, God is All-Powerful & All-Inclusive! When God decides to move, He just does it. He doesn’t ask for permission, because who can override His authority? No one. He has everything in Him to do anything He pleases and when He does it, it’s done right. He does choose to warn us because He loves us. Promises are warnings for good days and signs and other promises come to prepare us for bad days. Cold days turned rainy days prepare us for what could be and snow days prepare us for what we never thought would be. I’m 29. I was 29 when I finally saw enough snow to build a snowman. I was 29 when I had my first snowball fight. 29 when I truly had my first snow day. 29 years is a long time, but then again, it wasn’t.

I haven’t spent 29 years looking for snow. I didn’t wake up every day praying for it and being depressed if it didn’t happen. My hope wasn’t in whether it snows or not. Still, God gifted me with a substantial amount of snow and memories to match. Twice! I believe God wants me to relax where my desires are concerned. Just as He made snow appear twice within weeks of each other, He can do anything and everything else too!

This week feels progressive. Come next Monday, I won’t be where I was this past Monday. I’m already far removed from where Monday first found me.

Maturity + Change = Progress.

If it is true that once we know better, we do better, it must also be true that once we do better, we become better. I am grateful for the snow and frozen pipes and opportunities to see into the mystery of God’s ability. If he can cool ole Baton Rouge off for an entire Winter season, He can do the impossible in my personal life. Baton Rouge is traditionally and historically hot. That’s just the truth. The sun shines year round most years, but God is up to something. He’s doing things differently this time. He’s making old things new and changing the traditions I’ve come accustomed to.

I can dig it. With change, comes promise for better. I want better. I am better.

I am Eryka

Ps. HAPPY 5th PUP-day to my Love, Mr. Freddie Blu !!!

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