And it all comes back to You (A poem)

I wrote the following words while courting my ex-husband. This piece was written exactly 8 days before he proposed to me. LOL!

And It All Comes Back to You

November 11, 2010

My mind has been on a constant vacation

Time traveling and contemplation

Blank stares and meditation

And it all comes back to you.

I remember the first time I was infected with your existence

Your scent lingered for days and my soul was not resistant

The sound of your voice penetrated my dreams

As your face became omnipresent and it seemed

You were definitely the one.

I’ve tried to justify, even categorize

The blaze that’s ever present when I gaze in your eyes

But I’m over taken, mind & body shaken

Completely enthralled & it’s a feeling unmistaken

I’ve never ever known a heart beat as strong as

A high felt as long as

So remarkable that all along has

Been living inside my chest.

Growing rapidly without rest.

It’s like I’ve been in a battle with myself and can no longer contest

Deciding to finally, emotionally get out of this mess

And step into my blessing

Let go of the pain and start Wedding Dressing

Accept this newly found ever after that is destined to be happy

Continuously pinching myself because it’s hard to believe it’s happening

I don’t want anything other than

Your voice and the sounds of uttering

That soothes and chills; my heart’s fluttering

Caught up in you and I know there’s no other man.

You make me fly; You’ve caused wings to emerge

From my frivolous words

And I’ve taken flight, suddenly filled with urge

To soar across skies, God’s homo sapient bird

Baby I apologize

For ever letting anything negative rise

Or never saying how much I love your tries

And am grateful for confidence you possess and express in your stride

I find you quite sexy

And it’s my pleasure to admire your beauty for life if you’ll let me

Cause you see I’ve seen a lot and heard a lot of foolishness

That took captive of my heart and made me feel I shouldn’t be doing this

But it feels like, and it’s real like there’s nothing else left to do

Than to lay here in this bliss forever, and it all comes back to you.

I am Eryka

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