“Open Up, Kind of Love” (a poem)

I amaze myself. I used to write at minimal, 6 poems a week. This was back in my high school days where my Creative Writing class provided a stage and an audience for my deepest, most decorated thoughts.

The following poem was written 13 years ago on March 7, 2005. I was 16. What amazes me most is how beautiful romance was to me back then. I’ve experienced a lot since, but I am still a hopeless romantic with an imagination and the heart to believe.

Enjoy this piece.

Open Up, Kind of love


March 7, 2005

I wonder what it feels like to be apart of his daily,

To be what he wakes up for and what drives him crazy.

But metaphorically speaking, I mean truly hypothetical,

I wish I could be his legal, personal even medical.

Advisor whom he adores,

The one he gives love and simply nothing more.

There’s nothing in my reach,

To make him more than just my figure of speech.

To be more than a noun in his life sentence,

I wonder if I told him I loved him would he think I meant it.

Probably not, cause after all he thinks of me as everything except what I’d like.

I wanna be his morning sun and the stars that brighten up his nights.

And he has me acting like I don’t wanna be with him,

Like I can live and not ever see him.

The kind of love that makes me talk to myself about you.

The kind that makes me tell my friends about stuff that only us do.

Makes me wake up in the morning refreshed,

And blessed.

The soap I use on my body, I call him Caress.

The realest love I’ve never known,

Like not talking but spending hours breathing on the telephone.

I feel him in the covers that warm my body in winter.

It’s like having April rain showers in the middle of September.

Let me count the ways I love thee…but I always lose count

I just use it as an excuse to show the height in the amount.

Like a one month anniversary in the middle of the first week.

Doing anything I can to see you walk and hear you speak.

I comb my hair just so you can see it.

Looking in the mirror wishing you were the reflection I see in it.

Daydreaming just to feel you are what I own.

Like a blunt of mass destruction you totally have my mind blown.

The kind of love that makes me talk to you until I’m breathless…I into he, he into me.

Then I take a moment *breath* and exhale him back into me.

He makes me wanna get the Verizon In plan to talk to him longer.

Cause in all honesty, without him in my world…I can never be stronger.

I wanna be in your world and make you st-st-st-st-stutter just thinking about how strong our love is.

The kind of love that makes you take so many pictures you can mix and match features and build your own kids.

He makes me wanna fall out in front of a moving car,

Just to lose my memory and go far, far

Away. To another country so we can reunite and you`ll erase my anguish.

As we reconnect and fall in love again…In a different language.

The kind of love that has me telling my mother how good the sex is before we have it.

The kind of love like drugs and alcohol…He’s become my bad habit.

And I can’t give up.I can’t give in.

I want him forever to be my best friend.

But he don’t know, just how I feel.

Cause he won’t admit to himself that this here is real.

This love indescribable,

And so undeniable…

I believe deep, deep, deep, deep down.

I was made to be his queen. I accept his crown.
He just has to accept it first.

He has to cure my hunger for him and quench my thirst.

My metaphor waiting to be spoken.

The healer of my heart after the many times it has been broken.

The kind of love…

You dream of and wait for.

So I’m waiting. I’m knocking. I’m here at your door.

Open up.

I am Eryka

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