“But I’m not there yet.”

Greetings All!

It is Saturday and I can honestly say this past week indubitably deserves a weekend! I am blessed. I have enjoyed the 5 days preceding this one. I’ve seen snow, had my hope revived, and walked through wide open doors. I did none it of myself. My hormones have been in a frenzy due to PMS, but God has been supernaturally feeding me joy anyway. I’ve entertained fears and doubts that left my confidence shaky, but God sent confirmation and restoration to my identity in Christ. I’ve faced mental and physical exhaustion, yet somehow God renewed my strength.

It’s quite amazing. God is amazing.

Now that we’ve caught up on my week, there’s a bone I’d like to pick with you. Yes, you. Reader, whom I appreciate and adore so much. I value your attention and I don’t take your time lightly, so I dare not waste it. Here it goes: Get there. That’s it; just those two words.

We spend so much time looking at where we’ve been and the mistakes that caused us to fall. We spend so much energy looking ahead and counting the costs and requirements of destiny but how much time do we actually spend achieving destiny? Right.

Imagine if you worked as hard as you worry. Consider being as productive as you are prideful. What if you complained less and complied more? Right! What if? But we don’t have to wonder what if. We can just do it. It’s that simple. When I coach or speak with individuals about where the are in life and where they desire to go, goals and dreams are put on this pedestal that makes them impossible. The truth of the matter is, dreams are possible and we are liable. How can anything happen to a person who does nothing? Nothing + Nothing = Nothing. Nothing + Something is still 1/2 of Nothing. My point is, it’s time for all of us to do the things we can.

Energy is limited. At birth we take our first breath, but one day, each individual will breathe their last breath. Each person has been assigned an amount of energy and breath. None of us know that amount, and none of us can manipulate that amount. So what are you doing with your dose of breath today? Are you building toward your destiny by taking baby steps in the right direction? Or have you vacationed on the Island of Mediocrity where the cost and responsibility of dreaming has become bigger than the fire of your very own ability?

Rest is seasonal.

I’m a huge advocate of rest, but I’ve had to learn to respect rest. My 1 year old God son, Dominik naps often. He eats, then gets tired. He plays awhile, then falls out. His capacity for doing is still short, so he must rest in order to grow. On the contrary, I am 29. I have been eating and playing for years. It’s not as draining for me to be awake for an entire 12 hour day as it is for Dom. That’s how our spiritual life works as well. For a season, we are all newborns, then toddlers, then children but at some point, we become adults. We mature and grow as a result of the prayer and worship we put into our faith relationship. We learn to rest and rest works together with God’s power to build and transform us. But we can’t remain at rest forever.

Jesus was 30 years old when his ministry began. His life had a period of rest and growth, then a season of service. While there were moments during his ministry that he went away to rest, there would have been no victory if He had remained at rest. Eventually, we all have that moment when the sun rises in our soul and it’s finally Morning! Morning is not limited to a time of day. Morning comes after the night and if you’ve ever lived through anything you know that the night can last way through the AM hours.

There’s a common phrase that I hear when coaching and communicating with others. It’s, “I’m not there yet.” Usually the phrase is spoken after dreams and goals are described. The only justification the individual finds go explain why their dreams aren’t their reality is, “because I’m not there yet.” I believe you are there. I am there.

Ultimately, rest prepares us for work. Work is what leads us to destiny. Remember, “Faith without works is dead.” (James 2:26) A tired saint is a distracted saint. A sleeping saint is an idle saint. There’s a season for not quite being there, but there’s also a season to get there.

So this is my challenge to you. You’ve made it to the last paragraph of the post, so you officially know better. Will you join me in becoming better? Make it your personal mission to do something every single day of your life that gets you there! The reality is, getting there is meeting Christ face to face. Goals, dreams and opportunities are how God allows us to work out our Faith. We can’t merely create a vision board and stare at it endlessly hoping for manifestation. It’s time to let the fire that burns in us in the form of insecurity, doubt & lack be the fuel that makes our feet move!

We’ve got less time to act like we’ve got time to waste. It’s that simple. I look forward to seeing you GET THERE!

I am Eryka

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