Show Time

Show. Represent. Display. Present. Exhibit. SHARE.

The following post is based on revelations I received from the Holy Spirit due to my life experiences. I will be mentioning details from stories found in the books of Matthew & Isaiah. I did not cite them, but I want you, the wonderful reader with your curious spirit, to have reference for your personal study time. Enjoy the post!

Jesus Christ of Nazareth, born to one Mary and Joseph. His legacy was proclaimed and praised long before his conception. The Wise traveled for years, literally to meet Him and give their gifts. (The Wise Men traveled to see Jesus when they heard He had been born. It actually took years for them to reach Him, yet they sat out on the journey and didn’t stop until they met Him and gave their gifts.) Theres no account of His childhood, but the Bible mentions that He was seen talking with the teachers/doctors/leaders in the temple. The text tells us nothing else about Jesus’ life until He’s 30 years old.

When Jesus is revealed, He is fully grown. No one can say who taught Him or where His skill came from. He existed in Glory. Then He was born. (To exist on Earth) He grew up silently and we’re not given insight, but He nature’s into The Messiah, whim He was prophesied to be.

He’s the son of God. Only God knows what to do with His kid. Though there was a human father in His life, Jesus’ lived His entire life on Earth long distance from His real father, the father with whom He shares DNA. Besides, Joseph isn’t mentioned after the birth of Jesus, so as far as we can determine from the text, Joseph didn’t teach Jesus to preach, lead, fast, etc. God did, and when God did it, it was done completely.

All of a sudden, on a day that was probably random to most, but intentional to God, Jesus, the 30 year old, mature son of God, was revealed. Bam! Just like that. It wasn’t a process that we could see. There was no ceremony or grand gesture. He simply walked through a crowd and John, the Baptist stopped His message and pointed to Jesus. The story goes into how Johns mother and Mary, the mother of Jesus are cousins which make John and Jesus relatives, but our Bible doesn’t reveal whether or not John and Jesus had fellowshipped before then, yet in a moment John’s purpose on Earth to prepare the way for the Son of God was fulfilled. (Someone’s else’s purpose may be fulfilled in the moment they acknowledge the purpose of you.)

My point is this > We have all been assigned a moment. None of us know that moment until we’re in it, but one thing is sure, when we step into it, God plans for us to be prepared. Jesus, the 12 year old who hung out at the church, wasn’t revealed. Jesus, the baby, was visited in secret by only the Wise men and angels. SHOWTIME for Jesus was in an instant during a day of His 30th year.

By the Grace of God, I am becoming someone pretty special. Someone that I didn’t plan to be. Someone I would not have recognized or appreciated at 10, 12 or 16 years old. I am becoming God’s version of Eryka. I am not simply the daughter of one Mr. & Mrs. Jackson. I am not simply a student who left college without graduating. I am not only a cook, or a friend. I am the daughter of God. The spirit of Jesus Christ literally lives inside me. It helps me do what I otherwise cannot. I am not superhuman, but by the Grace of God, I am becoming a super human.

I believe that it’s Show Time in my life. Not in the sense that I’ll be elected to do something, but in the sense that all my private moments and lessons have purpose. Everything that’s been developed and refined through my invisible years was not just for me. In order to affect the nation in which I live, I must SHARE. See how it all ties in? Jesus spent His invisible years with God. God poured Himself out into Jesus. God taught Him. God sustained Him. God built Him up. God provided for Him.

I have not been traditionally employed since January 2015. God spoke a word to my heart that led to me quitting my full time job with a seemingly promising future. I released the job, my ideas for my career, and everything that came along with it. I found myself moving back home, surrendering my vehicle, rejecting job offer upon job offer. I was full of momentum that first year. Insert a few failures, rejections and heartbreaks and in year 2, momentum was sketchy to say the least. I wanted a job; none would hire me. My big brother passed and that brought along as much depression and discouragement as it did purpose and responsibility.

Here I am, just past the 3 year mark, and I see it now. I get it now. I recognize the lessons and receive the blessings. I danced in the valley and learned to rest on the mountaintop. I have been becoming this entire time, but I didn’t always see it. I didn’t always know or feel like I was learning or growing at all. Some months I literally just survived. Some moments all I had was God’s breath in me and I sadly have had moments where I wished it away.

But I’ve also had moments of discovery. Moments where becoming meant boldly and courageously saying ‘No’ with joy on my face and Love in my heart. Moments where I was offered a box, but refused to step in or remain in it. God has drastically transformed all my relationships. I love me differently now. I love my parents and my family differently now. I’m motivated by everything that was intended to destroy me. I feel like I did more than survive. Anybody can survive. I have fought for this! THIS RIGHT HERE! This voice; this confidence; this belief; this consistency; this Peace. This blog!!! Jesus won it for me but I’ve still had to do fighting of my own.

The fight is for another post. I’ll close with this: Show Time in the life of Jesus on Earth is proof that every minute leading up to every moment is crucial and special. You are not here by accident. This is not happenstance. A very intentional God created you very carefully and wonderfully. He did this intentionally for a specific purpose which solves a significant, unique problem in the Earth.

Don’t just take my word. Try Him yourself. Pray and ask Jesus into your heart. If you believe in Him, profess it. If you don’t, confess your unbelief. God would Love to make Himself known to you. Once He makes Himself known to you, He supernaturally SHOWS you to yourself first & the Will of God presents you to the rest of the Earth. It’s that simple.

I am Eryka

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