It takes precisely one second to be obedient. I’ve timed it. Take a deep breath, and JUST DO IT. No one is going to do it for you.

In an instant your obedience opens the hands of Heaven. Trust. Believe.

People can be scary. What will they say? What will they think? What will they do?It can’t matter. It doesn’t matter. People are not living this life for you. People are not living this life for Me.

The hardest thing to say at times is ‘No’ but I believe I have discovered the secret to being effective and courageous at doing it. See, there’s a flip side to every ‘no.’ On the opposite side of ‘no’ is ‘Yes.’ I like to answer Yes’s before ‘No’s. Agreeing makes disagreeing much more simple. When I say ‘Yes’ to God, it may require saying ‘no’ to other things. The part that’s tricky is, the things that require the ‘No’ will some time tempt you to say ‘Yes!’

I met a guy recently. He wanted to date me, but I made a personal vow to God a few months ago to be a better bride to Christ. At this stage in my life, I can’t entertain that guy – not romantically at least. I’ve received three job offers this season and they all piqued my interest and offered nice perks. I prayed and asked God for confirmation because none of them gave me peace. Had I been at peace, I would’ve known it was connected to the will of God because Peace is a product of the Holy Spirit. Unrest is a sign that something is off. I’ve learned to take those moments of unrest to God. I didn’t make myself. I didn’t create the plan for my life. God did and I must, no I choose to consult God.

Peace that surpasses understanding is hard to explain, but once you’ve felt it, you get it. Turning down a guy when I know I desire to be married, or a job when I know I desire income, is extremely difficult! Extremely! Obedience isn’t always easy. It’s the best solution, but it’s often the hardest thing to do.

So I cling to my YES’s! I said Yes to Holiness, so I must reject worldliness. I said Yes to Purity, so I must reject promiscuity. Will I make mistakes? Surely. Who doesn’t?! But, I must try anyway. I CHOOSE TO TRY!

I have to tell my mom that I rejected a really nice job offer that she is in full support of. There’s fear there because I don’t want her to feel like she will always have to take care of me. (But that’s People Bondage. Not even my mom’s reactions or emotions should dictate my life. I cannot live for God and a person.) I want to contribute to the house financially and not be dependent for anything. As of now, my mom pays for my phone. That’s my only bill. My prayer is that God opens doors that allow me to carry my own bill, so that my parents will not have to do anything for me. I’m not sure if that’s pride or humility honestly.

I confess my people Bondage and I give it to God in exchange for his boldness. God called me to this place. I believe He is happy to provide for me in this place, but if I move from this place without His direction, I will be moving away from that provision.

Where God guides, He provides. This is why I am #GODependent.

When Jesus says ‘Yes’ nobody can say ‘No’. But when He says ‘No’ there’s no ‘Yes’ that can override it! I must be obedient. I am obedient. I have been obedient and as I blogged on yesterday, it’s SHOWTIME! I know God is going to be with me every step of every instant along the way.

I am Eryka.

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