My God Son Dominik is my heart. Jesus is my everything and no one replaces Him on the throne, but this connection with Dom is crazy. My heart literally tingles when he hugs me and smiles at me or does something mischievously adorable. No man has ever made my heart tingle.

Well, except THAT MAN. His name is the masculine version of mine. He does things like surprise me by making my favorite Shrimp & Corn bisque. He walks in 14 degree weather to bring me homemade meals. He greeted me with a snowball fight at 5am the first morning it knower here and proceeded to build snowmen with his niece and nephews. He holds my hand when he walks me home. He calls me his friend and treats me as such. This morning, I left him a small blue gift bag. Inside was a bag of hot cocoa & some Hershey kisses alongside a heart shaped tag that read, “Nothing starts a morning like sweet kisses and a warm hug.”

Corny? Probably; but I simply just wanted to Love on someone specifically, HIM. No, I am not dating anyone. No, I am not chasing him, but from what I’ve seen, he’s a good guy and deserves a gift. Maybe it’s the only good thing he receives today. Maybe he was having a bad morning and my corny gift made him smile. Maybe his nephew, whom he drives to school, sees the way I am with him & he is with me and chooses to treat young ladies he courts in the same manner.

Maybe nothing at all will come from it. That’s fine, too. I didn’t do it to receive anything. I didn’t do it for recognition or reciprocation.

In all honesty, I had a rough night and I don’t physically feel well. Dom is hanging out with me as he does every Monday thru Saturday. Mom helps keep him occupied while I lie down. I am grateful, and I wanted to pass it on.

I yearn to honor God with my marriage to one amazing man of God. I look forward to carrying as many of his babies as God allows. I’m grateful to still be alive. That proves I still have a chance at the Destiny God designed me to achieve. Who, when, and how no longer interest me. I’ve got my eye on My King Jesus $ He reminds me that I am His prize.

To God be the Glory!

I am Eryka.

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