Dream, Believe; Repeat.

Rain reminds me of Tears. I get excited when it rains. It’s like the Earth is releasing all the water that’s stored up in my soul. I can’t always cry. I don’t always cry. I want to cry, often, but it doesn’t happen just because I want it to, so Rain, THANK YOU!

I believe God uses weather to speak to us. There’s an old saying that it rains at funerals because God is removing that person’s footsteps. I don’t know the reasoning, but I know the wonder; the wonder of rain – the Wonderful rain.

Drops fall in sync but each dances to their own beat. The ground gladly allows itself to be drenched and cleansed. Trees drink happily. Flowers take in the rain and produce more buds. The process of growth is beautiful. Rain reminds me that something is growing.

Sometimes I wish it would rain, but it doesn’t. This morning, without my expecting it or having to do a rain dance, it’s pouring. God sent rain. He’s cleaning something, growing another thing, and supernaturally drowning something else. It’s not my business to necessarily know what.

Those same hands who sprinkle the rain in just the right motions, is the same hand who made you and me. We are made of the same wonder as rain is. The tears don’t have to leave your eyes; they leave the skies. God’s breath spoke you, and this morning, God’s breath spoke rain.

Say this with me, “Me + Rain = Growth.” Flowers receive the rain and it makes them bigger, stronger and more productive. When I receive the rain, I too am cleansed, healed and made to prosper.

As I embrace the rain, my heart is just a little sad. Some days my singleness and childlessness is heavier than others. Some days my desire to share my life with God’s best for me gets larger than my contentment. I’m not perfect, so I have no problem admitting it. When I wake up on rainy mornings with nowhere to go, I wish so badly that I could roll over into the arms of my husband and create a wonder of our own. It’s not about the company or even the pleasure – my desire has everything to do with my ability to and acceptance of GROWTH. I used to just want a man so we could go here, do that, look like this, or accomplish that… but that’s empty. I don’t need plaques and physical milestones. I need the glory of God. I need the presence of God. I need the freedom to serve and worship Christ day in and day out and only a Godly man can lead me in doing so. I won’t stop following Christ to follow a man – been there, done that. It doesn’t work. I trust that while following Christ, I will be revealed to the One who has prayed for me.

That said, I wish I were married, but I’m grateful for God’s timing. One day, the wish will be the Wonder I behold just as I behold the rain from Heaven.

I won’t stop wishing.

I am Eryka

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