All Black Everything


And that’s an understatement. I love being a girl. We get to wear dresses and lipstick! We have curves and grooves on our body that make the plainest piece of cotton look like Artwork. We are amazing!

So last night, my best friend and I joined a group of loved ones for live music & good food. I am a sucker for an awesome cover band, and SWEET SOUTHERN HEAT, of Baton Rouge, La did not disappoint! I always have fun with Zuri. Her name literally means ‘beautiful’ and she’s a really awesome friend.

The event was an All Black Affair! I love Fashion, but I love creating challenges out of Fashion even more. All black + live music + cold weather… I wanted to be comfortable but incredibly cute, of course. I decided that I wanted to wear a simple little black dress; one with long sleeves. I found one for $10! It has awesome lace up, “corset” type detail on the front… super cute! It has long sleeves! Warmth! It’s made of soft cotton and fits perfectly without Spanx! COMFORT! Talk about a blessing!

I paired it with an ombré shawl & some black booties I came across that also lace up! Mission Accomplished!

I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to look fabulous. I spent a total of $33 on this look and I couldn’t be more pleased. Slaying on a budget!

I am Eryka

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