The Issues of My Heart

Flowing from my heart are The Issues of My Heart.


I am Grateful for gifts of chocolate during PMS. I am Grateful for Hallmark movies on Sunday afternoons. I am Grateful for my voice and the company I am to myself. Little things matter.

I enjoy singing, but I really enjoy thinking. I think a lot. TOOOOOO much, actually. As I embrace this state of Gratitude, I don’t take this breath lightly. Imagine suddenly being injured or falling ill. Imagine suddenly becoming unconscious. Bad breath doesn’t matter when there’s no breath at all. What’s worse? Dying in an instant in an unexpected way, or being brain dead for days, weeks or longer? Who can say? What I do know is, breath spent on complaining, comparing, and conforming is breath wasted. As a patient receives news about a fatal disease, gossip and family drama becomes minute. No one is concerned with the latest version of a smart phone when a bomb erupts in a crowd. So what’s worse? If you ask me, breathing without purpose is worst of all. Waking up and existing with no direction or course of action is the worst possible life anyone could live because in an instant, it could all stop.

My brother Eric was healthy and happy during the first kickoff of the 2015 football season. By the Super Bowl, He was practically tied to a hospital bed stricken with cancer. It wasn’t scheduled. There was no warning, but in an instant, there it was. We buried him on May 20, 2016. The Police Department did their thing. The ARMY did their thing. The Pastor did His thing. And us, the loved ones, in different ways, did our thing. In an instant, my entire perspective changed. In an instant, my entire heart changed. My capacity to Love changed. My willingness to live changed. In an instant, something shifted me further into my identity in Christ. In the same way, as I was shifted forward in God, I was also denouncing and divorcing so many other things.

A ‘Yes’ over here always requires a ‘No’ somewhere else. I choose to be grateful over and over. I wanted this post to be about my feelings and what I want and wish I had or could do, but in an instant, my heart was reminded that God’s breath is too precious to waste. He gives it to me so that I can pass it along in productive ways. My days, hours and breaths are numbered. My brother’s passing called me to action, but this breath inside my chest calls me to be INTENTIONAL.

So, flowing from my heart are the issues of my heart: It’s Gratefulness!

Song: Grateful by Hezikiah Walker

Today won’t come back around. I don’t want to be found wasting time or breath, and I encourage you not to. Let’s be grateful, on purpose. Let’s be Great on Purpose.

I am Eryka

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