Case of The Ex

Disclaimer: Chocolate itself isn’t bad, but addition to any food or any unhealthy attachment to anything is Bad.

Chocolate and I have a special relationship. I Love Him, and well He just isn’t good for me. I’ve walked away several times. I figure, if can successfully live without him, I’ll be okay. But Chocolate knows me well. PMS? He’s there. Good Day? There. Horrible days especially. He’s always there.

But he drains my wallet. He’s not good for teeth, not to mention the disrespectful way he stretches my waist line. But he’s so good to me. My blood sugar is highly manipulated by him. My skin even has beef with him.

But I love him.

So, I must learn to take him in moderation. I should probably drop him altogether for a season.

It’s worth a try. I’m just being honest. Pacifying my emotions with chocolate doesn’t change them but it does change me, and not in a good way.

On that note…

Dear Chocolate,

I love you, but unfortunately I need some space. Not too much; maybe a few days. I need to see if I can be satisfied and content without you. Don’t worry, I have tea and a heating pad for those cramps. I will see you again once I learn to love you in a way that’s healthy for me.

With Appreciation and Adoration,

Eryka I AM

We have struggled – all of us. Some of us still are. Whether it’s overeating, bitterness or a violent temper, we all have a glitch. I want this post to inspire you to confront those bad habits and detrimental diets that are killing you. We were each placed here to fulfill a purpose. God can do great things with the healthy, whole you. Don’t be bound to what broke you. Let’s move forward. Tell your chocolate to kick rocks.

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