Enough for One

I think of all the guys who walked away silently and not so silently. They told me things like:

– You’re too much.
– Your standards are too high.
– I’m not good enough for you
– I’m not ready for the type of woman you are
(The guy that said that actually phrased it this way: “You are wife material and I don’t want a wife.” Bless his heart)

This journey has been an interesting one to say the least. Old men chase after me like I’m water in the midst of a drought, but these old men are usually married, sickly or perverts. Young guys look to me as some amazing big sister. Guys my age never knew what to do with me. I’m just out here being great; getting whole; finding my Destiny. I’m out here being Eryka and that is too much for some.

Thank God I wasn’t created to be the noble wife to some; but to ONE. I am the bride of Christ. I make No apologies for my standards or my Queenish behavior.

I love people. I love God. I also love those who have not learned to Love. It’s not their fault. Maybe they’ve never been shown love. I say all of this to say, sure I am TOO MUCH, for some, but for one, I’m just enough.
To God be the Glory!

I am Eryka

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