Snow Spring; Spring Snow

Picture it: Rooftops glistening with white ice; the crunch beneath your feet; a big smile on your face as you see tulips spring forth amidst a field so bright that diamonds would get jealous. It’s Spring, and it’s Snowing! Well, not in real life, but dream with me.

How exciting it would be to wake up on a Spring morning to a Winter Frost. Someone is going to be upset because their commute is now plagued by ice, but someone else is embracing the miracle, remembering the intensity of childlike wonder and daring to go out and smell the tulips amongst the diamond-like grass.

Maybe it’s the medicine I’m taking, but I can’t help but go there. I can see it. So peculiar. So unorthodox. Surreal, yet so real.

My heart is in Spring. Maybe it’s because. there’s fruit blossoming within me and I’m actually recognizing it, but I wonder if it also points to God’s handiwork. He can do anything, no matter how unorthodox it may seem. He can heal anything. He can mend anything. Moreover, why wouldn’t he? Now there are some things God protects us from. He blocks relationships or experiences that may harm us. It’s upsetting in the moment but in hindsight it’s always a blessing. He’s good like that. But… there are also things that are amazing and wonderful and why wouldn’t God want to fill our lives with them? God, who designed stars then created them, is a mastermind of artistry. He can do annnnyyyything.

It’s February 10 and by the calendar, it’s Winter, but in my heart, there’s Spring. I see tulips growing in the snow. I see love growing in a hateful place. I see transformation in a complacent world. I see Spring!

It makes me wonder what’s ahead. I hope for the best. Faith is Hope for the best, after-all.

I am Eryka

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