My 2 Cents

Life could be so much more simple without people.

People complain far more than they comply. People lie more willingly than they lead. People do and say anything in the moment but their hearts mean the opposite.

Us, people are quite the wonder. We can be so amazing and incredible and equally infuriating and evil. How is it so?

People are also like coins. We are sweet on one side and stubborn on the other. Friendly to most, and indifferent to others.

Stop with the masks!

The above photo has been saved in my phone. I saw it and connected with it; I absolutely loved the idea of what it reads so I saved it. I probably would’ve deleted it without ever posting or sharing it because though I connect with the image and the words in it, that’s not quite the image I wanted to present. Well, that has changed. Truth is, I’m a woman who loves God and lives life following after the example of Christ, but I have hormones and bad habits. Who doesn’t? It’s kinda like the story of the adulterous woman in the Bible where Jesus tells her accusers that only the one that has never sinned may throw stones or trash talk the woman. All her accusers fled the scene.

We’re all guilty of something. I may not know your something and you may not know mine, but it exists. Not one of us humans are perfect. Never have been – never will be. So why fake it?

First of all, perfection by definition isn’t perfect when it’s not genuine.

I tried weed for the first time at 21 years old. I was dating my ex-husband and he had some. My curiosity was tired of being hushed and pushed aside, and I tried it. It was great in the moment, but I didn’t do it again until 4 years later. I was freshly divorced, at a new job and doing my best to be okay. One night during an outing a friend suggested it, and as I did at 21, I indulged. Something changed that time, though. One time turned into two, and 5 years later, I’m wondering how I’ve allowed myself to continue to indulge.

I’m not perfect.

God has given me understanding of certain things and even wisdom, but it doesn’t mean I have never or will never fall short of what I know. That quote I posted is an expression of what’s really in my heart. Truth is, I can twerk as well as I teach. I can curse just as effortlessly as I cook. Having the ability to do those things is not what defines me.

I didn’t always know that. I used to believe that I, like other people could and should be defined by what I do/have done. What fun is that? That’s boring! What if a stop sign’s only significance was that it was red and shaped a certain way? Instead, it’s valuable because it brings order. Traffic signs provide protection. Life is better with protection.

I should not abstain from sex just because I desire to be good. Even my goodness is filth when compared to Jesus. I should not blog or even post on social media just for attention or for the sake of doing so. That’s not what this walk with God is about. God knows what I’m going to do before I think to do it. I’m not making any excuses here, I’m simply kicking my own pedestal from beneath my own feet.

Tell the truth & shame the devil!

Truthfully, I’m human. I may be more “educated” than some or less successful than some, but regardless, I’m equally human as every other human being out here. We have to let go of this idea that there’s a right and wrong way. There’s one way: JESUS and nobody has to have it all “together” in order to enter into relationship with Him. It’s actually my relationship with Jesus that helps me abstain and attempt to keep my temple clean.

Religion would have us believe that only the blameless, perfect Christian will see God. If that were true, no one but Jesus would have ever seen God. Peter denied Jesus 3 times, but through relationship, God restored Him and filled Peter with the Holy Spirit which then gave way to miracles and a complete change of Peter’s heart.

So the goal for all people shouldn’t be to judge or outdo anyone else. The goal is to simply be as loving and genuine as possible. Does that mean we should go around wearing a list of our sins on a t-shirt? Not at all, but it does mean that when I am weak, Christ gets to be strong. When I fall, Grace gets to pick me up. When I’m lustful or greedy, the Holy Spirit corrects me. It’s all about relationship.

In closing, I encourage you to stop hiding what’s most honestly and genuinely you. It just may get you closer to destiny. I’m not saying go indulge in drugs, alcohol or sexual perversion, but I am saying it’s time to remove the mask. God can only heal wounds we reveal, so Reveal yourself.

I am Eryka

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