Nothing at all

The saying goes, “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” I suppose that sums up my silence. Some times I have so much to say and the blog posts flow. Some times months go by and I ignore social media altogether. I haven’t written in my journal in weeks. I wonder why.

Then I’m reminded of the vow I made to think positively in an effort to be nicer to myself and those around me. Complaining is a waste of breath. Arguing is a waste of time. Gossip profits is nothing. Criticism didn’t improve anything. But silence… SILENCE SPEAKS VOLUMES.

At only 29, I recognize there’s much I’ve yet to see, but I live with the realization that I’ve seen a lot already.

Experience brings wisdom.

To move forward as if I don’t know what I’ve learned would be a waste of that wisdom. So it is with wisdom that I practice silence. When it’s time to speak, I will and the words will build destiny.

Until then…

I am Eryka

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