He, of no sense

The proverb goes:

He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does so destroys his own life.


Who willingly destroys their own life? One who lacks sense. It’s been 6 years since I became a single woman again. The journey has been rocky to say the least but I am proud to say that I know I didn’t deserve to be cheated on. I’ve been lied to and told I deserved it and that I’ll never find another man. Thank God for truth. With or without a spouse, I’m taken care of. With or without a ring, I am abundantly Loved. Without having ever carried a child of my own, I am nurturer to many. To God be the Glory!

It sucks that my ex husband had the battles he had during our relationship. It sucks that he willingly destroyed his own life; our life. Being that we became one body, he destroyed my life also. But then God stepped in. As my life crumbled before me, I’ve been blessed to witness a beautiful remodel.

First came the blueprint. As I drove back to my parents home after evacuating the town house we shared, God gave my heart a vision of marriage as He designed it. I was reassured as God reminded me that what He joins together no one can separate but what he doesn’t join is subject to destruction. I accepted that I was at the start of a new future.

Next, He showed His love. This is the part that never ends. God constantly shows how much he loves me. From the adoration of my neighbors, to the undying support of my parents; obviously I am Loved. I am grateful for that. I’m grateful that God took all the old, rotten pieces away and revealed the beauty that lies within.

Then came the building. Thats where I am now. I believe I’ll be building until I meet Jesus, and I’m okay with that. Building is what taught me my purpose on Earth. Building is where I learned to trust and to forgive. Building is where God adds His super to my natural. Building is where I’ll meet my husband and we’ll continue on building together.

I’m excited to be building. Building is proof that something is coming. Every builder begins the job knowing that eventually the form will take is shape. That’s me, today.

Eventually, that vision in my heart will take its shape and many more visions will flow from it. To God be the Glory!

I am Eryka

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