Ugh! It’s 2018! You’d think I would be accustomed to acronyms and cyber lingo by now. I’ve been online since I was 8 years old. Shoutout to America Online, affectionately known as AOL. Fast forward to my 29th year of life and the internet is everywhere and apart of everything.

It should come as no surprise to me that children born in this cyber age come out of the womb speaking internet language. And let’s not get me started on text messaging. I Love text messaging, but I am one of the rare individuals that uses correct grammar when texting. I use full sentences & even punctuation. I have full blown, meaningful conversations with people all over the world and I am grateful for that ability. The flip side of the coin is: not everyone approaches communication like I do. Just as not everyone is “comfortable” making eye contact, apparently not everyone takes the time to send meaningful messages.

More specifically, in romantic situations, guys default to “WYD.” I’ve had a guy ask me what I’m doing six times in one day. You can’t seriously be that intrigued by what I’m currently doing, but the guy literally had nothing else to say to me which led to this post. We are only able to give out what’s within. If all that’s in him is a bunch of rap lyrics, drugs, beer and text acronyms, that’s all he will be able to give me. Wyd means something to him because it’s what he knows. I politely asked him to stop the “wyd” messages and I’ve barely heard from him since. Im not upset about it one bit.

Life is too short to waste time getting to know people who have nothing to add to me.

No, not every relationship is about getting something from someone. I recognize that relationships are about giving, BUT nothing I give an empty soul will make a difference if that soul is content with its emptiness. No matter how many suggestions I make, I can not guarantee that someone takes my advice.

If you’re reading this, I officially challenge you: Let’s communicate better. Let’s be willing to be vulnerable and open up our hearts to people. Let’s engage in meaningful conversation about worthwhile topics. Let’s make our interactions build something! Partnership is born in conversation. Agreement is a product of communication. It’s worth it to properly communicate. How else can you achieve anything?

I digress. Death to the “WYD” text message.

I am Eryka

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