Not over.


Some days I smile, but I would rather cry. On these days, nothing seems right even when it is. On these days, I don’t see the brightness of the sun of remember how abundantly blessed I am. On these days, I struggle.

Somehow, after having so many of these days during my lifetime, I keep getting through them. Dark days fade into better days and better days bring brighter days. It’s obviously nothing but God.

On not so good days, I put on a dress that makes me happy. I may not go anywhere or be seen by anyone, but it is those moments where I stop and intentionally see myself.

I see me avoiding toxic people regardless how lonely I am. I see me abstaining from sexual immorality although my hormones some time cause me to burn with lust. I see me loving and giving and teaching and growing. I see me trying. No one else may see me, but I do. No one else may clap for me, so I do. No one else may speak to me, so I do. I choose me over and over and over and over because I am God’s gift to myself. God gave me each of my talents not only to spread joy to others, but to be my own Pick-Me-Up.

It’s not over.

I am Eryka

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