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Protect Your Pearls: Purpose

It is safe to say that Identity, all by itself is a jewel; so much so that there are actually thieves who specialize in taking on the identity of someone else. There are entire careers built off the ability to be someone else. It’s quite peculiar, yet amazing. Identity is like an expensive pearl. When displayed, it draws admiration, but it’s also highly coveted. If we’re not careful with such pearls, they may easily be snatched from our hands.

PURPOSE is a Pearl. Purpose is the inspiration behind your birth. See, you are more than your mom & dad’s baby. You were endorsed by Heaven which is why you are here. God had an idea attached to you before He formed you. That idea is your purpose. God decided that only you could do what He placed you here to do. Only you are connected to your territory, your family, and your identity.

Knowing that, I encourage you to Protect Your Pearls. Your identity and your purpose are keys to the very life to live. Knowing who you are leads to discovery of why you are, and thats the foundation of your individual life.

Listen here as I talk about Purpose and how commitment, consistency and continuous learning help us Protect Our Pearls. 

The truth of the matter is this: NO ONE ELSE CAN BE YOU FOR YOU, so it is up to you to be the best you possible. Start now by protecting your identity and committing to your purpose.


I am Eryka.

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