Let me be GREAT

Short thought today:

Why does anyone need a month, or a day to appreciate another? From the 28-Day “Black History Month” to Women’s Day/Siblings Day/Boss’s Day etc. Since when does mankind need a poster or holiday to appreciate themselves? Obviously that’s what the world has come to. Without the complimentary Hallmark card and bouquet of flowers, aren’t mother’s and grandmothers and all humans worth applauding? I mean, it’s hard to be a good human.

National Women’s Day annoyed me. Usually I’m all for the occasional manmade holiday. Why not? But lately? I’m super annoyed with all the customs of this “American Culture.” What does it mean to be American? Can someone please tell me!!! We’re fighting for the right to kill each other and children are being raped and mistreated left and right – does that get a holiday?

I’m super annoyed with life. I wish it were different but I am only the steward of what’s mine meaning, I can’t change the world. I can pray for the world and contribute to the world, but I can’t change it. Not alone at least.

So here’s to you. Whomever is reading this, you are valuable. You are Loved. Don’t you forget it.

I am Eryka

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