The average person loves presents. There’s no age limit on gifts. Everyone loves receiving things. Some people love to collect stuff, while others simply appreciate being remembered.

But what about those who aren’t remembered? Are they unloved? Insignificant? Invisible? Don’t they matter too? Of course they do, but their gift may be in witnessing someone else receive a gift.

The Gift of Giving

Could it be that there’s a greater present inside the present and it has nothing to do with the gift? The greatest present of all is presence.

Recently, a few friends traveled and brought me back keychains. I’ve received four within the past 12 months. While I am 100% GRATEFUL for the keychains, they don’t matter as much as the fact that there individuals left town, went on a vacation, thought of me, considered me and returned with something just for me.

The gift represents the presence of me in their experience. At least that’s how I feel giving gifts. I give to share my experience. Because I am enjoying it, I wonder if you might also enjoy, so I share. Ultimately that’s what God did with His Son. He knew humans exist amongst spirits of all types. The world is old – the enemy is cunning and technologically advanced. Temptation is everywhere. Opposition is everywhere – but only here. In Heaven, there’s Oneness. Period. There’s no division or corruption. God Loves is. He displayed that Love by sending the Oneness He experiences to the Earth so that we could gain access to it.

It’s about more than Mary being a virgin and Jesus turning water into wine. God sent Jesus so that we can access His goodness. People aren’t (always) good. Money is hardly ever good. Life is not always good. But God is. God’s goodness is always good. His fullness never runs out. His Oneness never separates. As a believer, I receive that gift. The gift of Oneness.

My feelings have been hurt a lot. I’ve slipped and fallen too many times. I will probably slip again in my lifetime. It’s not always sunny in my world, even when it’s 99 degrees out. Not every moment feels purposeful but my Faith allows me to breathe through it. I’m learning that as long as I have breath, I can make it. My breath comes directly from the creator. As long as His breath is within me, I cannot be separated from him. This means that failure has to flee. Depression has to perk up. Lack has to evacuate the premises. List can’t live here. Negative people get pink slips, quick. It’s not because I’m so great or holy, but because I am the carrier of God’s breath and God is great and holy.

I don’t consider myself higher than anyone else. I simply acknowledge God within & around me. You can access this same power through relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s not about religion or rules, but about stepping into your true, righteous identity in Him. You don’t have to know it all or have it all together. You don’t have to play a role or be a certain way. He made you. He knows you. Yet, he wants you!

God is present in every beat of my heart. I can feel his presence every time oxygen flows through my lungs and out my nostrils. The gift of breath is a manifestation of His presence and it doesn’t get better than that.

Thank God for breath.

I am Eryka

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