Risky. Involving a risk.

Risqué. Taking a risk that invokes discomfort in others.

Honestly, I’m both risky and risqué, but I have morals which provide boundaries for me. Boldness is both risky and risqué. The minute I stepped up and finally began taking actions that prove how much I believe in me, the world around me got this ‘who does she think she is’ attitude. It’s funny to me.

People tend to give you advice that they don’t genuinely want to see you take. Friends tell you to leave the scumbag boyfriend but when you actually do, they feel some type of way. I’ve learned that this type of behavior is a reflection of their own feelings toward their own relationships.

Basically, my actions only offend those who are afraid to do what I have done. If I am not breaking laws or harming/disrespecting others, what I do shouldn’t be an issue. When did humans become more obsessed with the next person’s life than their own? Why do exes cyber stalk exes? If is over, it’s over… right?

Furthermore, if someone dares to dream a new dream and it leads to something wonderful, who am I, or you, to get in the way with our opinions and fearful criticism? The success of others prove it’s possible, so shut up and go do something great.

Simple as that.

I am Eryka

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