The Process of Progress

My greatest challenge on any given day is Believing in Myself. I have created playlists of songs that inspire me and perk me up. I speak mantras over myself when I am discouraged. I celebrate every small victory as though it’s the big prize. I remind myself of every good quality I have and tell myself exactly how awesome I truly am. I have learned to be defensive when it comes to my self-esteem. I simply cannot afford to have it compromised or diminished. I control what I accept. I control which words become my truth.

I believe in me. I don’t care who doesn’t.

I am super proud of me. I have recorded 4 Podcast episodes and I’ve even created some artwork to advertise the show.

Small steps matter. Forward is the goal. Any step in that direction is a victory worth celebrating. *cue iPhone confetti* To God be the Glory!

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