the SOAPBOX Ep 04

It is no secret on this blog that I am a single woman who was once married. The process of unbecoming a married woman and learning to embrace singleness has been a journey worth documenting. That is the purpose of my blog and Podcast. Join me as I tackle the things that hold us back in life. The past has a way of reaching out to us because obviously we’re great and it wants back in, but it’s time to cut ties, for good.

I have cut ties with several things and people the past six years. It’s been bigger than the marriage, and greater than the desire to love another. Life is bigger than desires and relationships, so don’t be deceived. Your ending is not THE END. The relationship/situation/job/season had to end in order for you to progress into your DESTINY!

Listen on BuzzSprout: The Death of Divorce

Forward March!

I am Eryka 

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