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Set Me Free, a poem

“Set Me Free”

June 17, 2005

Revised: October 24, 2016; April 6, 2018


I’ve waited to be in your arms so long I can’t escape

My fantasy is now a reality that I’ve come to face

The way you’re standing there I can tell you’ve missed me

And how you lift me up into your arms and with no hesitation, you kiss me

In bliss, please

Set me Free


Every step we take is a movement backwards or so it seems

And no matter how close we get, it still remains a dream

Sitting on the ledge by the window watching the rain fall

Your hands stroke me softly and I feel your body call

Answering after one ring

It’s Your Thing

Ambition ignites and you set fire to my soul

Your touch I can’t get enough of; I surrender all control

Grab a hold, and

Set me free


I’m feeling like taking every ounce of your body into my mouth and holding it captive in peace

You and Me as one growing from a bud to a family tree

I can’t thank you enough for the joy you add to life

You are definitely worth every moment I spent yearning to be Your Wife

Yours is a Love that flows completely from base to the tip

Our foundation is secured by God’s sweet, remarkable gifts

Let’s embark on the ride of a lifetime to locations unvisited

Abiding in the true vine living uninhibited

Your Good Thing has come; aren’t you glad you waited

The hard work was not in vain, with God’s rain we’ve been compensated


Fill me up with your passion and tell my body a secret

Sharpen me with each stroke you send my way making me keep it

Let this moment last long after feelings leave

Aren’t you so glad God called you to leave and cleave

Right here in our place; I never want to leave

And it’s all because of you; you who set my heart free

… Among other parts.

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