Here’s a thought…

In a recent sermon, Pastor Touré Roberts of The Potter’s House @ One Church LA/Denver stated that ‘Stress is a product of an unstable life.’ Lately I’ve been stressed. I’ve been annoyed and easily angered. I’ve had a chip on both my shoulders and in my hand. Thing is, I have no one to blame. No one, other than that lovely woman in the mirror.

Like every other human being, I am steward of the body my soul lives in. It’s up to me to set boundaries and habits that keep my body healthy and productive. It’s also up to me to get rid of things that hinder my growth and overall well being. Thats where my challenge begins. As I am learning who I am, I am simultaneously unlearning everything I am not. This includes breaking off affiliations that no longer add to me. It means adding more beneficial activities to my schedule. It means making a conscious effort to live better and be better.

Well, I’ve said ‘Yes’ out of season. There are many things on my regular schedule that are extremely inconvenient to my purpose. Sure, these things may be good, but turns out, they’re not good for me, at least not at this moment. Some tasks and habits fit for a season. They bring lessons and connections that we may need at the time, but seasons change.

My seasons change often as I am constantly learning and growing as I hope for you too. As my seasons change, I have to be intentional on taking time to get to know Eryka as she is. I know who I was a year ago. I learned to be comfortable where I was a year ago, but time has passed. Lessons have been learned. Wisdom has been attained. If I don’t use what I’ve learned this past year, I’ll end up reliving the same tests and situations.

No thank you.

So here’s to learning to disconnect from last season and simultaneously embracing the better version of me that exists now.

I am Eryka.

1 thought on “Here’s a thought…”

  1. Lovely! And the more you draw closer to God, the more you will learn about yourself and your assignment here on Earth Blessings to you sis 💞

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