Hello Tuesday

Well it is indeed a brand new day. I’ve never been to April 17, 2018 before. I wonder what lies in this day. Who will I see? What will I learn? How will I grow today? The possibilities are endless.

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that my mind and heart was cluttered. I was not a happy camper but it’s no one’s fault. I have said ‘yes’ one too many times and as always, it leads to overwhelming frustration. Today, I am thriving on a ‘No.’ My spirit is politely saying ‘No Thank You’ and my mind is better for it. So Tuesday, hit me with your best shot.

People can be the worst. I know because I’m a person. *smiles* I can be my own worst enemy. This isn’t productive or beneficial. I feel I learn that lesson over and over but each time a new Philosophy flows with it. People are not my problem. The problem comes when I focus more on my person than on my spirit. My spirit is different. My spirit clashes with my person. Duh. I guess I forget at times.

After all, the war isn’t against flesh and blood but against spiritual principalities and strong holds. Some days, my flesh won’t let my spirit be great. In the same way, I have days where I hold my spirit hostage out of bitterness for what my flesh thinks it wants to do. My flesh has desires that my spirit knows would harm me. My spirit protects itself with morals and habits just as my flesh has the tendency to express itself through other habits and actions. The trick is knowing which side is truly in control. God is spirit, therefore the spirit rules.

All and all, I woke willing to face today. I am willing to experience whatever I have to in order to get what God has for me in this day. I am open to my daily bread. I am willing to embrace my daily bread with contentment and gratitude.

Let’s do this!

I am Eryka

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