Pretty Bird

a Poem

Written December 28, 2014 by #ErykaIAM

I came across a Pretty Bird that reminded me of the past

Her wing was caught on something half invisible that existed in her path

The way she fought aimlessly kind of made me laugh

Then I realized she was me fighting battles I did not have

A few years ago he was the standard

Back when it wasn’t high enough

He loved and left; wasn’t the best

And he surely never tried enough

But definitely made me cry enough

That’s not love.

To accept less than I deserve is no longer an option

I’ve carried on empty conversations but that’s all stopping

I’m no longer interested in heart hopping

My heart beats for The One who holds it high; never dropping

The King of Kings wants my all, so He’s my only option.

Ladies, can you feel these thoughts?

Aren’t you worth more than the gifts He bought?

The fairytales don’t have be so far from reach

They rest within the very words we speak

A man who loves as boldly as David and as tender as Solomon

Could you imagine loving He who God took a rib from?

Single isn’t a sentence

It’s a God-given experience

It’s where You find the Woman you’re meant to be

It’s where I fell in Love with Me

Stop waiting to live and dare to try it all

Let your curiosity take you away; God is there if you fall

Fly pretty bird – no hesitating

Trust in His word – God is waiting

Grasp the wings of Faith and decide to be free, inevitably – you deserve to see everything you’ve ever dreamed; Diamonds and bended knees – Kingdom ceremonies – Such a life is worth anticipating

Fly Pretty Girl – Love is waiting

I am Eryka

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