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Hosting a Podcast is very fun work! While I have the privilege of sharing my thoughts with anyone who will listen, I also have the task of setting a schedule, doing the research, and sticking to it. Consistency is hard, but as I always tell myself

“Consistency gives us the opportunity to become better.”

So, as I press on speaking up on things that matter to me, my people, and our God, I invite you to listen to the newest episode of The SOAPbox! The topic is ‘Idolatry’ but I attack it from a down-to-Earth, relatable view and hopefully it encourages someone to disconnect from things that do not serve their TRUE identity.

I mention the “Grace Cathedral” in California which has decided to house a “Music Mass” for singer, Beyonce. I have no opinions on Beyonce, as I do not know the woman, but you’ll find the articles inspiring today’s topics here and here.

As always, you can listen to NEW and OLD episodes of theSOAPbox on BuzzSprout!

Click here for Episode 05: “Idol-Minded”

Episode Flyer

I am Eryka

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